World of Frescobol.

BEACH BOAR® brings you the world of Frescobol with origins in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on the famous Copacabana beach in the mid 40's. Frescobol is the hottest summer sport and people play it all over the world. It's a fun way to exercise and enjoy time together. You only need a partner, BEACH BOAR® beach rackets and a rubber ball. Get ready for Frescobol.

 Beach Boar Beach Racket Pro Competition 

The Beach Racket.

To create the best possible racket for frescobol we evaluate and develop every last detail ranging from grip ergonomics, centre of gravity, weight, core material properties, shape dynamics, surface material and the form transition between the grip and the blade. Resulting in a high performance product and design identity customised for the game of frescobol.

 Frescobol Styles

Frescobol Styles.

Frescobol can be played anywhere and in multiple styles. Freestyle and Fastball are easier to learn, whereas Radical and Expert styles are mostly for professionals and tournaments. Whatever choice of style, have fun and try to find your Frescobol Flow.

 Where to play frescobol

Where To Play.

Frescobol origin from the famous Copacabana beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in the mid 40's and is now played all over the world. Frescobol has since become a very popular beach sport across South America, Australia, Europe and now expanding to the beaches of the United States.