BEACH BOAR® LIMITED EDITION 3K braided fiberglass


BEACH BOAR® LIMITED EDITION 3K braided fiberglass


The blade is made from 3K braided fiberglass laminated over a foam injected polyurethane (PU) core. The shape, thickness and properties of the materials have been evaluated in order to increase the torsional strength and bending stiffness, without compromising on performance or weight.

The combination of 3K braided fiberglass and the specific density of the PU is optimized to increase the sweet spot and give the player more control when striking the ball, resulting in a dynamic racket with a consistently flat and responsive playing surface.

This is a limited edition piece.

Player level: Intermediate to Advanced/Professional

Blade: 3K Braided Fiberglass

Core: Hard PU

Size: 440x210 mm. Weight: 350-360 g.

Colour: Red

BEACH BOAR grip tape: Black

Developed and designed in Sweden. Made by hand in China.

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