Are you passionate about Frescobol - join BEACH BOAR®

BEACH BOAR® is looking for passionate beach and racket sport people who are interested in developing our brand and the sport. We currently have a collaboration with the Japan FrescoBall Association (JFBA) and Parks Sports Global (PSG), Republic of Korea, and are now looking for business opportunities in Sydney, Australia, Miami FL, and Los Angeles CA, USA. We provide you with materials needed to promote BEACH BOAR®. For further information or business proposal, please email us at

Are you passionate about frescobol - join Beach Boar

Frescobol Freestyle - Can be played anywhere and is a great exercise

Frescobol can be played anywhere, builds reflex, concentration, coordination, physical strength, friendships and more. Frescobol is played either between two or three players. Two players play in front of one another. As three players, one stands alone and the other 2 stand next to one another across the single player. The single player alternates hitting to each of the two players. When playing Frescobol Freestyle the simple goal is to keep the ball in the air but ultimately it's finding the perfect balance between attacking and defending between one an another without dropping the ball. Enjoy this inspirational video of the Brazilian Frescobol World Champion Jean Messias playing. Find your spot and enjoy Frescobol Freestyle. It's good for you!

The Frescobol Ball

The frescobol ball should be made of rubber, be depressurized and weight around 40 g and have a diameter of 57 mm. Depending on the level of play, there are balls that provide different speed and control. Frescobol is a very fast game and professionals use the fastest versions. For beginners and amateurs slower balls are preferred. Color is free of choice and dependent on the surrounding environment.

The Frescobol Ball

The Frescobol Beach Racket

The racket, or bat as we call them, should be made of wood, fiber, carbon, or similar materials, and may be hollow or solid. Dimensions should be maximum 500 mm in length, and 250 mm in width. The average weight is determined by the frescobol player and should be between 300 to 400 g. The grip tape is free of choice.

The BEACH BOAR® frescobol beach racket is made of carbon fiber or fiberglass laminated over a foam injected polyurethane (PU) core. They measure 440 x 210 mm and the weight is 350 gram.

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