How To Pick Your BEACH BOAR® Frescobol Beach Racket

Whether you're new to the sport or an advanced player, the BEACH BOAR® Player Level Selector is designed to pick out rackets that best fits your game. What are you looking for from a racket; beginner, intermediate or advanced/professional level?


If you're a beginner just starting out, you'll want a racket that helps you return the ball with some power. Because you're developing technique and strokes, a racket that will be forgiving when you don't hit the ball in the sweetspot.


If you're an intermediate player, you will be able to rally with moderate power and consistency, and you now have a good all-around game. You'll want racket that can provide some additional power to your own without sacrificing control. You have experience playing matches and have developed the ability to put together game points. You'll want a racket that'll magnify the part of your game that is your weapon, whether it be a aggressive forehand or defensive backhand.


If you're an advanced or even a professional player, you have a fully developed game and extensive experience playing competitive matches. Because you can consistently hit the ball hard when you want to or ease up on the power for touch, you'll be looking for rackets that build upon your strengths.

All BEACH BOAR® frescobol beach rackets are marked with Player Level. For more information please visit our web shop. Click here >>


The Frescobol Court

The minimum distance between the players should be six to eight meters. Optimal size for an arena is 15 x 10 meters and the ground should be as flat and smooth as possible. Preferably frescobol is played on the beach but it is as easy to practice the sport on grass in a park or indoors. Because of the high speed and hardness of the balls the professional frescobol arena should be surrounded by screens in order to prevent the public from accidents. If played without screens, please make sure you find a place where you do not disturb the surroundings.

The Frescobol Court

Frescobol is a collaborative sport

Frescobol is a sport practiced by a team of two or three athletes for a specified time period. The players are partners where cooperation, joint strengths and skills are key to success. Frescobol never exploit the weaknesses of another athlete. The team needs to compensate each other for errors, i.e. a bad shot. A team competes with other teams and the best performance wins.

Frescobol improves physical and mental balance, concentration, coordination, agility and reflexes. Frescobol is healthy and therapeutic and stimulates the continuous search for improvement. Physical condition will improve and calories will burn because of the game intensity. Click on the video below to watch Brazilian World Champions Jean Messias and PH play high level frescobol. Enjoy the intense!