Frescobol (also named Frescoball, Palas, Paleta, Racchettoni, Racketa, Matkot, Fastball, Beach Racket) is a beach racket sport practiced by a team of two or three athletes for a specified time period. The players are partners were cooperation, joint strengths and skills are the key to success. Frescobol never exploit the weaknesses of another athlete. The team needs to compensate each other for errors, i.e. a bad shot. A team competes with other teams and the best performance wins. Frescobol improves physical and mental balance, concentration, coordination, agility and reflexes. Frescobol is healthy and therapeutic and stimulates the continuous search for improvement. Physical condition will improve and calories will burn because of the game intensity.

Freestyle and Fastball.

Frescobol can be played anywhere and in multiple styles. Freestyle and Fastball are easier to learn, whereas Radical and Expert styles are mostly for professionals and tournaments. There are also similar styles such as the Greek, Matkot in Israel, Racchettoni in Italy and Palas in Spain. To play Freestyle you will try to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. When playing Fastball you count the number of hits for a specific time period.

Radical and Expert.

For advanced players in the tournaments, Radical and Expert styles is used. These styles require qualified referees to count performance in terms of attack, defence, accuracy and power.

Whatever choice of style, have fun and try to find your Frescobol Flow.